Statistics & Chemometrics

Our aims

  • To conduct research in key areas of data analysis relevant to QIB’s science programme
  • To provide resources in applied statistics, mathematical programming and data handling
  • To collaborate with partners across academia and industry, in the UK and internationally

Our research focuses on selected areas of applied data analysis. These include multivariate analysis, especially of spectral data – NMR, Infrared, Mass Spectrometry. IFR has for many years invested in analytical technologies (NMR, FT-IR, MS, GC/MS, LC/MS), and has also embraced the post-genomic era (transcriptomics, proteomics). The data produced by all of these are megavariate – several thousand numerical values generated from each specimen examined. Advanced computational methods are essential in handling this kind of data; dealing with output from these diverse methodologies has driven our work in recent years. For an overview of the contribution of the stats team to IFR’s science, see the publications page.


Dr George Savva (Institute Statistician)